Bomb Defense

Basic tips

  • You can change the difficulty of the game in the Options menu. It only affects the amount of starting money that you are given.
  • The first 9 levels do not allow you to move the camera by moving the mouse over to the edge of the screen because they are too small.
    However you can use the numpad keys to move the camera in order to see a certain spot better. That feature is really just a developer feature but you may find it cool or useful.
  • Sledge-hammers work like the swinging maul but faster. Meaning that it is less likely that a sledge-hammer misses.
  • If some item's quantity displays as 0/0 on the inventory, it means that the item cannot be bought on that level.

Level specific tips

  • Level 9: A timer bomb is recommended.
  • Level 10: I recommend you to use all the walls and leave small impassable spaces between the walls.
  • Level 11: Surround one of the kittens with walls and funnel the enemies.
  • More to come on request at the Steam Community Hub of Bomb Defense.

How blast turrets work

Blast turrets shoot explosive shots straight to the next obstacle every 1.6 seconds.
If you are lucky or slow enemies down using the slowing slime it can even shoot enemies that pass by.
The blast radius is big and can kill multiple enemies at once.
One blast turret has to kill at least 3 enemies to be considered cost effective.

Blast turrets have the following restrictions to ensure that they are not too powerful:
* They cannot be placed too close to another object.
* They cannot point towards an unobstructed red border/line.

How line turrets work

Line turrets shoot electric shots straight to the next obstacle without delay.
However, should 2 enemies pass the line at the same time, one of the enemies will likely be on the way so that the other enemy behind it cannot be shot by the line turret.

Slowing the enemies down or making them come one by one or pointing more than 1 line turret at them (preferably from an opposing side) will help with this problem.
One line turret has to kill at least 4 enemies to be considered cost effective.

Advanced tips

  • Cyclops are less affected by slowing slime than other creatures.
  • Champion goblins will attempt to jump over spike traps, slowing slimes and sticker bombs if they see them on time. You may place two of such traps in a row in order to attempt to force the creature to jump straight onto the next trap. You may also hide such traps in a corner so that when they turn and see the trap it is too late for them! You may also simply use timer bombs instead of sticker bombs to kill them.

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