Bomb Defense
Bomb Defense game is a completely different take on the tower defense genre. Featuring explosions, physics and rag doll effects.

You get a limited amount of money to buy traps, bombs, turrets and walls and place them in clever positions to defend against enemies trying to harm your curious little kitten Mimi who, for some reason, keeps wandering into an array of sinister dungeons and graveyards.

Any less than optimal defensive plan, or any small mistake in executing it will lead to the death of your kitten. Given your budget for a level, you need to carefully think what objects to buy and carefully plan the exact spots where you place each object.

While on first glance it appears similar to tower defense games, this game requires a lot more thinking and certain puzzle-solving skills to keep your pesky little cat alive. A true test of your IQ if played with a normal or high difficulty setting. Or a strategy game that leaves a little bit of room for error with lower difficulty settings.

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