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Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. As such, it can be used in online casinos, stores as well for online shopping.

Today we will walk you the basic steps of betting with bitcoin at online casinos new Zealand sportsbooks.

Betting With Bitcoin

Sports betting is very interesting as long as you know what you doing and how to place the bets. With the popularity that comes with bitcoins these days, people need to know how to place bets with the currency.

  1. Bitcoin Wallet

Before you start betting with bitcoin, you need to have a bitcoin wallet. There are different types of bitcoin wallets. Some will need you to install them on your desktop, while others work directly form the web.

  1. Funding your wallet

The next thing that you need to do is to make sure that you fund your wallet. You can do this by mining for bitcoins or you can buy them for other bitcoins users.

  1. Opening a sportsbook account

After you have opened your account, you will then need to look for a sportsbook. This you can do by searching from the search engines. As you search, make sure that you select one that is safe and secure. You also need to use the one that uses bitcoins as a payment method.

  1. Choosing a market and a placing a bet

The good thing about placing bets with bitcoins is that it is just the same as you would do with other modes of payments. All that you have to do is to look for the sport that you ant place bet on and do so.

Bitcoin Betting Conclusion

To conclude betting with bitcoins is still relatively new, however, many sportsbooks use it. And betting with bitcoins is just the same as betting with other modes of payments. Therefore, if you are one who has placed casino en ligne fran├žais bets at sportsbooks, then betting with bitcoins should not be that hard.

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