Bomb Defense

After your online blackjack gaming, you can also get to play a lot of different games on your Facebook app to while up time. And, you can also get to invite some of your friends and family to make it even more fun and exciting. Here are a few games that you will definitely love playing on Facebook. Now, you can get to download some of them on your phone as well.

Candy Crush

This puzzle game will have you on your phone throughout the whole night. All you need to do is find the perfect colour matches. The more candy you match, the more the goodies you will get to unlock. Failing to meet the target with the moves that you will be given will result in a loss of life. You only get 5 lives with Candy Crush and a life is replenished after 25 minutes. If you are in a rush, you can buy the lives as well.

Criminal Case

There are a lot of times that we receive notifications on one of your friends solving a case in this game. Do not be left out. Join in the fun and start being your own detective. You will have to solve a number of different cases and find the culprit. If you want, you can also get to download this came on your iOS or android phone.


Take some time off work and get to build your own agricultural heaven with Farmville. The game will allow you to play into character by making your own farm home, farming your own vegetable and keeping your animals and have enough time to play mobile casino games. After planting your crop, you will also get the joy of harvesting them as well. You do not need any internet connection to access this game, you can get to play it from anywhere. The best part is that there is a 2014 sequel that you can get to play as well.

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