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Blackjack has been and still is one of the most played new online casinos games in the entire world. Most first timers prefer the basic strategies, which can be learned in a few hours with practise. However, those wanting to advance to the next level should learn new tactics.

Below are tips that can be utilized if you are looking at playing blackjack for a long time. This is to capitalize your chances.

Betting on other players hands

Unlike poker with blackjack, you will not be playing against other players on the table but the dealer and collect your winnings regardless of what other players do with their hands. However, this does not mean you must ignore other cards on the table. You ca always bet on other player’s hands if the opportunity arises.

Splitting 10’s When Faced with 5 or 6 from the Dealer

This one is not an easy strategy as it goes against traditional blackjack ways of thinking. The strategy is for those who have mastered the art of card counting. Moreover, it is advisable to make this move if you are sure that the deck is still holding a good amount of 10s.

Use of different positive and negative progression betting systems

These betting systems are there to maximise your winning chances by knowing when to scale down and betting bigger at the appropriate time. However if you are looking for the best system there has not been any proven to be the one.


At some point every new player at casino français en line has heard how bad of a move taking insurance is. However, that may not always be the scenario as sometimes it is the best way to handle the situation. A good situation to utilise on insurance is when the game you are playing has only single deck of cards being used.

These tips will reap you good rewards in the long run while playing blackjack at the casino.

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